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I'm 36 years old,I'm from Brazil. I have a bachelor degree in psychology but I don't work as a psychologist. I love traveling, movies, music and having a nice cold glass of beer with my friends whenever I can. This blog is a random attempt to talk about random things to/with random people. English is not my first language but it is my language of choice for this blog. I don't mind being corrected but if you can understand what I am saying, please just don't make a big deal out of my grammar and speeling mistakes! Thanks!!

Monday, 1 October 2012

First Entry

No pressure over cappuccino (Alanis Morissette)
(click to watch the video)

Every time I am frustrated I listen to this song. It is undoubtedly my favorite song ever. I gives me a level of comfort and at the same time it works as an anger release mechanism. You might listen to it and ask yourself why. Well, if you really know me and you really listen to it I am pretty sure you will understand. Sometimes its hard to break down our emotions and explain to people why we feel a certain way when listen to a song, look into a picture or just smell a familiar scent. No pressure over cappuccino reminds me of who I am, what I have done and all the hard times I had to go through. It reminds me that everything changes, that we change all the time. It reminds me to stand up for myself when I feel insecure and when other people's actions affect me more that it should. It reminds me that I am a deserving and loving human being that has so much to offer and that the hypocritical barriers raised by closed minded people are always going to be hard obstacles but they will never be the end of me.

Since I decide to name my blog " Rocks in Riots" I felt obligated to share this song and its meaning to me.

At this point you might be thinking: Why is she writing about herself? Who would care about what she has to say? Why doesn't she write a journal and pop it under her bed?

The answer is not so simple because I have been asking myself the same thing. So all I have to say is, I am feeling this urge to share my random feelings and thoughts with other people, if you are not interested, oh well, using my favourite Karl Pilkington quote: "JOG OFF"